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Late polls

A couple of very recent polls:

Bush 49, Kerry 47.

Battleground: Bush 50, Kerry 46.

Rassmusen: Bush 50.2, Kerry 48.5.

Marist College: Bush 50, Kerry 49.

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The folks over at "All Things Considered" on NPR emphasized that although Bush is ahead in the popular vote in just about every poll, that it was a "statistical deadheat."

Now, while this is true from a mathematical point of view, my question is whether NPR would have emphasized the statistical deadheat if John Kerry were ahead in all the polls, or would they have said, "John Kerry is in the lead in most polls, though it is a close race in the margin of error."

Doesn’t look good. Panic at NRO...Bush behind in Exit Polls in NH, Florida, and Ohio. Drudge is highlighting what’s being billed as a collapse.

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