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Watch for this "meme" today: In-denial Democrats will say that the exit polls couldn’t have been wrong--that the GOP must have "stolen" the election through fraud in Ohio and elsewhere (since there is little doubt the Dems lifted a hefty number of votes in Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and elsewhere). Preposterous, but then these are delusional people, who will be mumbling about Florida 2000 in their dotage decades from now.

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Methinks the sour-grapes Democrats, much to our advantage, will never concede this election. They will, like a spoiled little brat, continue their non-stop "Bush stole the election" rant for the next four years.

You can take that prediction to the frickin’ bank, folks! :)

I don’t think they know how to do anything but whine...

Seriously, however, the Washington Post had a good article about the election and in it, they claim that Kerry simply alienated alot of those with conservative values. If one looks at the vote, the heartland has rejected Kerry. Rather than whine, the democrats need to seriously look at this election and learn from it.

The Dems and Kerry need some CHEESE to go with their WHINE!

LGF is doing a thread on most humorous/outrageous Democratic reactions to being LOSERS. My personal favorite is the fellow who believes high altitude electronic warfare planes overflew the Diebold voting machines and altered the results.

The heirs of Michael Moore and Al Gore. Pray for them.

I have been getting the Ashbrook e-mails for a bit now. I guess that I was mistaken that this could be a place to discuss differences in an adult and yes, Christian and moral way.

I resent being called " delusional" and such things because I, after much soul searching, and yes, prayer, voted for John Kerry.

There are some people in this country that hold lifetime religious veiws and try to live a Christian and moral life and yet do not wear it on their sleeve when they cast their vote. That is not to say that I do not feel strongly about my religion, I do. That does not mean that I am wishy-washy and choose to change my values on a whim. I DON’T.

I think that there will be a chasm in this country until we all start acting like the Christians we strive to be and show a deep respect for other peoples religious beliefs. Until everyone starts to understand that we have different parties for an important reason and that is what makes this a Democracy. I thank God we have a right to choose and more than one candidate to choose from, otherwise, what kind of a government would we be left with?

I’m just so tired of hypocrasy. We have so much to be thankful for, I am a split ticket voter in some elections and am thankful I have that choice too. Don’t we all want the best person for the job?

Yes, the Republican’s won, no doubt about that, but I still stand by my vote because it was mine to cast.


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