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Liberals focus on the "Real" enemy

American troops are wiping Fallujah clean of terrorists and giving their all to keep America safe. Meanwhile, back on the base . . . American liberals focus on the real enemy facing America’s troops THE BOY SCOUTS! Yes, apparently those little guys might mention God or something and that would really be very insensitive. I guess Steve is right. They just don’t get it. Wanna bet the next go around the military vote will be even more disproportionately Republican? For more on the ACLU’s war on the Boy Scouts, see The Claremont Institute’s website where there is a pile of articles addressing the issue.

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Wiping Fallujah clean....hehe thats funny. Almost all of the terrorists have been long gone, seeing as all they had to do to know about the U.S. military movements toward the city was to turn on CNN. But they’ll be back another day...sound like Veitnam anyone?

They don’t get it, They can’t get it and we won’t give it to them. Isn’t it amazing how the Boy Scouts drive the liberals batty? Oh, my, Gosh, they clean streets, plant trees, learn about respect and care for the environment, provide assistance to the elderly and handicapped, assist emergency services, perform first aid, respect their elders, raise money for charities, help maintain trails for our parks, and help little old lady’s across the street. Wow, we really need to get rid of them before they decide to do something really evil.
On my honor I will DO MY BEST to DO MY DUTY to GOD and MY COUNTRY and to obey the SCOUT LAW; To HELP other PEOPLE at all times; To keep myself physically strong, MENTALLY awake, and MORALLY straight.
Why can’t they get it? Hey, liberals, we can help if you will let us!!
U.S. Soldier, ex-Sailor, and SCOUT MASTER.
Wake up and smell the coffee you anti-....OK, I will be nice.

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