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Ohio at 2:30 a.m.

I am sure you all have been listening to the same TV I have been listening to at the Ashbrook Center with about 100 students and friends. So you know as much as I do. Kerry isn’t conceding Ohio because, they claim, there are about 250,000 provisional or absentee ballots that have yet to be counted and--because Kerry is down by circa 125,000 votes, with about 97% of the votes counted--it is still possible that Kerry can carry the state. Not so, in my opinion. And let me point you to a massive fact explained by Ohio’s Secretary of State Ken Blackwell: There are somewhere between 150,000 and 200,000 provisional or absentee ballots out there. This means that Bush’s lead cannot be overcome, unless Kerry weans unnatural and huge majority of those votes. And one more point: Bush’s votes have climbed in the last hour or so because most of the large Demo districts (Cuyahoga County, for example) are already in and what is left (circa 3%) will come from predominantly GOP areas (for example, Clermont, Coshocton, Hamilton, and Knox). So, Bush has won Ohio, and Kerry will not admit it. In effect, as Brit Hume just implied, if Kerry had the moral integrity of a Richard Nixon, he would concede.

One more quick point on this important election. At the end Bush will won the majority of the national aggregate vote (at the moment at about 51%) and this is important because of 2000. It is a moral victory. Yes, a moral victory. Kind of like a mandate, except better.

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With a little effort, the networks could check the Ohio votes--in and outstanding--on the Cuyahoga County election website. Kerry’s not the only one in denial.

At 3:39 AM -- of the 111 precincts still outstanding in Ohio, only 25 are in areas that Kerry is currently leading (Lucas County, about 60/40 for JFK). Certainly to be offset by the 40 outstanding precincts in Ashland County.

Ashland County is already counted. The News Journal link is from 10 p.m.

There are somewhere over 76,000 provisional ballots that have been requested -- and this total doesn’t include Cuyahoga, Franklin, Summit or Hamilton counties, as well as a few smaller counties. It isn’t out of the question that there are 200,000+ provisional ballots floating around out there....

according to the the 1990’s ev’s mattered most, in 2000 popular vote mattered most now it appears exit polls matter most. why even bother having the silly elections?

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