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Palm Beach Post reports that the Democratic Party in Florida "is at its lowest ebb since Reconstruction." The San Jose Mercury News reports that the Green party is in real trouble nationally. Bret Schundler is going to run for governor of New Jersey next year (McGreevey defeated him in 2001). The Washington Times reports that the GOP will target Democratic Senators from red states, including Sens. Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Bill Nelson of Florida. John Edwards is thinking about the loss: "I wish we’d had better chances, better opportunities (in the 2004 campaign) for me to talk about what my personal values are. How important my relationship with God is, how important my faith is in our day-to-day lives, the struggles my family’s had in the past, plus what Elizabeth is facing now." Former Demo Congressman
Martin Frost is interested in becoming DNC chairman. The nomination of Carlos M. Gutierrez for Secretary of Commerce is an attempt to woo Hispanic voters, according to Newsday. Matt Labash on Clintonmania. Sidney Blumenthal (remember him?) beats up on W.’s appearance and bahavior at the Clinton library opening.

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They really need to just shut up about any religious comments. How many times has a prominent democrate or liberal commentator made disgusting remarks about christians, and NOW...they want to claim that religion is so important in their lives? Please. Besides, they are missing the point. It’s not the religion, it’s the values, the standards, the respect for the notion that there is something more important than how someone feels about something. It’s about believing in something bigger than one’s own puny life. As long as the party keeps saying what Edwards is saying, they can keep talking till they are blue in the face (pun intended). Nothing works like pure passion about what you believe in.

Blumenthal’s report sounds like a second grader whining to the teacher about playground antics. Get real & grow up.

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