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Peter’s link below to the LA Times story about growing Republican dominance in the fast-growing exurban areas reminds me of a tongue-in-cheek theme I’ve used for a long time, which may not be so tongue-in-cheek any more. I used to joke that the support for mass transit was a liberal plot to get people out of the cars and away from Rush Limbaugh, and reading liberal newspapers instead. The corrollary, of course, is "smart growth," which explicitly aims to stop growth in exurban areas, and channel growth back into the big cities. This has obvious partisan implications now. Another reason for the GOP to be the "pro-growth" party in every sense of the word.

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That is a funny comment on radio/public transit. I carry a radio with me on my daily bus ride for the last 4 years. In fact if I can’t find my little portable radio before I leave the house, I feel quite naked. I am not alone either, I notice lots of folks with little am/fm radios and headphones on the ride into downtown Denver.

Steven, Steven, Steven! Say it ain’t so, Steven.

A bit of "funny" aside, your post is just downright silly, and of the same ridiculous paranoia I have come to expect from Mooreish liberals. Please tell me, Steven, you were suffering from a bad-hair, or lack of it :), day when you wrote this tripe!


Marc S. Lamb

A secret Steven Hayward admirer

Well, Marc Lamb, you’re right, that’s silly. But Michael Moore, on the other hand, actually backs up his allegations with evidence, at least most of the time. I might not agree with his conclusions from those facts, but he usually gets ’em straight.

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