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Red and Blue map

Here is that useful County Map in red and blue from yesterday’s USA Today. You can also click on their 2000 map. Note that on the right you can get the results by state, Senate, etc.

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Was there any explanation in USA Today for the large gray areas on the map?

I live in Florida, and the large gray areas on the map in extreme SE Florida are the counties of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade, large Democratic areas, which should have been colored blue.

Ah, details. Seems the mainstream media can’t even produce a red and blue map without mucking it up.

I just assumed that, for some reason, the votes were not all in, or something like that. I’ll try to look into it.

I am proud to say my home state of Nebraska is all red. It looks like Oklahoma is all red also.

Even this map is misrepresentative about how much of America is "red."

Note that the numbers (83% red) don’t even include Alaska! Considering that Alaska was solidly Bush, and has about 571, 951 square miles, this bumps up the 83% a few points.

What the map makes clear is there are not red and blue states - there are blue enclaves in a red country.

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