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Over at Democratic Underground, the conspiracy theorists are already saying that Bush must have manipulated the touch screen voting machines, or done something to steal the election.

Richard Hofstatdter (The Paranoid Style in American Politics) must be rolling over in his grave right now.

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Ah, yes, a version of the elite opinion expressed after the 1972 vote: "Nixon won?! I don’t know ANYbody who voted for him."

Yeah, isn’t it amazing? Two days ago, all I heard about was the predominance of paper ballots in Ohio, and conspiracy theories about how this somehow helps Bush. Now it has magically shifted to the tired old Diebold conspiracy theories - "they must have somehow secretly rigged the machines to register more Republican votes." Uh huh. I guess the only safe and legal way to vote is to have six monitors from accompany you into a booth and actually cast the votes for you.

Now Kerry can claim, "I actually did win th election, BEFORE I lost it."

Yes, he won the mainstream media spin before he lost the silent majority vote.

I noticed that entering the DU website has "denied" to all but their rabid partisans (they did the same thing after the GOP romp in 2002). Yet notice that Skinner guy scratching his perplexed head? "How in the heck did this happen???" He wonders. I hope they keep it closed lest some smart conservative gets in there and lets ’em in on the dirty little secret.

"We gotta do something about jobs, groceries are going through the roof. I don’t understand how Bush could have won without cheating or without doing something illegal, ya know?" a 19-year old caller to CSPAN.

Paranoid bunch, aren’t they? I’m so glad they were willing to storm the borders of my state to make coffee, probably waving their banner in my face, screaming "We will, we will rock you"! Go rock someone else’s vote.

Open Letter to All Kerriacs!

Flee! Flee! Flee for your lives! Bushitle has Won! Take nothing but what you can carry easily. Head for Canada.

Don’t delay. Leave immediately. Ashcroft is nipping at your heels!

This portion of a recent post cracked me up (sorry for the length, it was hard to decide where to cut it off):

...We believe that it is understandible and healthy for people to feel angry or sad or whatever. We do not think it is possible for us to force people to deny their feelings right now, and we’re not even going to try (except in the most extreme cases). However, it is clear that certain types of emotions do no mix well on a busy message board like this one. We have decided that the only feasible solution is to enforce a segregation between the people who want a shoulder to cry on, and the people who want an ass to kick.

With this in mind, the two General Discussion forums have been re-named. The "General Discussion: Help and Support" forum is for those people who are looking for help and support. If you feel sad, or if you are the type of person who thinks that we’re all in this together, then that is the forum for you. But if you are feeling very angry about the election, or if you are feeling like pointing fingers and placing blame, you should post in the other GD forum, the "General Discussion: Fighting and Acrimony" forum....

Oh- and Gary-above, that was great!

The DU was a little scary, but fun. These poor misguided Democratic "shock troops" must have forgotten to take their medication (again). With this kind of support, any Democratic candidate should be afraid, very afraid! The partys over.

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