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Back to the Sixties?

I’ve been talking casually with a number of folks for months now about the prospect that the Looney Left (but I repeat myself) might revive Weather Underground-style violence if Bush won the election. One can easily imagine how Michael Moore will defend bombings, shootings, etc.

It looks like the first wave of violence may come from the segment of the Left this is most discouraged and outraged: the environmentalists. This morning’s Washington Post (registration required) carries a front-page story about the largest arson in Maryland’s history that took place yesterday: 20 new homes in a subdivision were torches in what investigators describe as a well-planned, sophisticated operation. The development has been a magnet for environmentalist opposition (a six acre wetland is supposedly threatened), including even pickets at the work site.

This comes hard on the heels of a report recently issued by top environmentalists under the title "The Death of Environmentalism", which bemoans the perceived increasing impotence of their movement.

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They did this over a year ago in California,remember??
Why do I believe this was done by rich kids??
Leftiest opposition will be bombings ,like in the sixties,seventies,when yearly bombing were 7 thousand a year vs 3 thousand these days..

My question: Will the Democrat party condemn this with the same enthusiasm that they do abortion clinic bombers?

"One can easily imagine how Michael Moore will defend bombings, shootings, etc.", actually I can’t.

The question might be, will Moore produce a radically skewed documentary comparing the radical nuts of the fringe of the environmental movement and their kind with ordinary, hard-working, God-fearing citizens of a place like Flint, Michigan, to attack these senseless acts of eco-terrorism? Much like his other documentaries, he won’t even need evidence to prove that these are radical nuts, he can simply use his contrasting imagery to strike an emotional chord with his viewers, filling their minds with half-truths, the mere appearance of impropriety, etc. Maybe he’ll even rush out the documentary and accompanying DVD right before an election in which a Green Party candidate is running to associate them with his half-truths.

Hey J Montgomery:

I ain’t gotta imagine nothing.

Moore has publicly compared the terrorists who kidnap, torture, and behead civilian aid workers, blow up Shi’ite and Christian worshippers prayer, turn religious buildings into ammo dumps, bomb convoys, etc. in Iraq to the American Minutemen. ’Nuff said.

The definitive comment on Moore is in "Team America: World Police" (my personal pick for "Best Movie of the Year").

Well, Mr. Hayward, it looks as though you might have to aim your blame elsewhere. I hardly want to play judge, jury and executioner for these particular suspects, but it certainly looks as if your from-picketing -protesters-to-ecoterrorists hypothesis is rapidly falling apart.
Authorities Link Maryland Arsons to Racing Club

It doesn’t look like you can pin this one on those evil/misguided/delusional environmentalists. Why am I not surprised that you didn’t post this article yourself, as a follow-up? (Influenced by the "fair and balanced" journalism of FoxNews, perhaps?) Rejoice, though! In the end, those dangerous picketers will stand (or be pushed) aside, and the "supposedly threatened" bog at issue will likely be long gone and forgotten. Your readers will still cite the fires as the work of pesky environmentalists (facts be damned), and your favorite evil-doer, Michael Moore, will likely have not even heard of the place/bog/fires, etc.

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