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Can the U.N. be reformed?

The Belmont Club is very much worth reading on Kofi Annan and the possibility of reformation of the U.N. Very powerful. Note the last paragraph especially. Is it not disheratening to think that the United Nations has become (because the visionary theories of Rousseau is at its heart) a full-fledged representative of the ancien regime? Could the ancien regime be reformed?

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Anybody else out there old enough to remember when the John Birch Society’s call to "Get the US out of the UN" was considered extreme? Talk about being ahead of the curve.

It’s funny you mention the John Birch Society. I had a brother in law, a surgeon, who used to pour over these books and magazines. He would tell us of managed news, the UN was a socialist front, we were being sold down the river by our "friends" in Europe.

We made fun of him and scoffed at his warnings. Unfortunately he died at an early age from a bad heart. But looking back he was right and we were wrong.

Well, let’s not be too quick to praise the Birchers. The last I looked at a piece of JBS literature (within the past 10 years, to be sure) the group was still going on about communist conspiracies, despite the fact that the Soviet Union was no longer in existence. Certainly it doesn’t take fevered conspiracy-mongering to see that the UN is deeply, and perhaps irremediably, corrupt.

Right, that discredited theory, so Yushchenko got ahold of a bad bottle of wine, CPUSA.ORG endorsed President Bush, and the Domino theory did not come to pass, either? You’re not paranoid if they’re really trying to get you, and only a fool would deny the existence of a thing simply because it is next to impossible to prove. Whether there is a "conspiracy" or not, the "communists" are clearly bent, like the Islamofacists, upon world domination. And the "communists" realize that the United Nations is a perfect vehicle with which to gain their purpose. They also know that all support for the enemies of freedom will hasten their victory. Conspiracy? O.K., call me a conspiracy theorist, or do you subscribe to the old adage that it is "better to be red than dead?" I don’t, and I will fight both types of fascist theory until they kill me. (Communism is an economic theory, implemented by fascist, dictatorial governments, hence, there is no such thing as a "communist government," rather there are governments that allow no dissent, no voice to the people, and control all of the assets within its geographic sphere of influence, who hide behind "communist" as a label and Marx as a theorist. There has never been a true communist government on the planet.) We can defeat communism as a economic theory, and we have almost completely done so, with the exception of Vietnam and Cuba, and to a lesser extent China. But dictatorial governments, that is another animal entirely. And that is why the U.N. is such a dangerous institution.

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