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Europeans as Ents

Victor Davis Hanson asks will the Eurpeans "slumber on, muttering nonsense to themselves, lost in past grandeur and utterly clueless about the dangers on their borders?" Are the Europeans like Tolkien’s Ents? "These tree-like creatures, agonizingly slow and covered with mossy bark, nursed themselves on tales of past glory while their numbers dwindled in their isolation. Unable to reproduce themselves or to fathom the evil outside their peaceful forest — and careful to keep to themselves and avoid reacting to provocation of the tree-cutters and forest burners — they assumed they would be given a pass from the upheavals of Middle Earth."   

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Fascinating analysis by Hanson. I was struck by this statement near the end of his discourse.

The radical Muslim world of the madrassas hates the United States because it is liberal and powerful; but it utterly despises Europe because it is even more liberal and far weaker, earning the continent not fear, but contempt.

It seems that we are just beginning to see a restlessness of the European Muslim community. The European response will be interesting to watch. For their sake, I hope it is well thought out and measured.

Interesting, but I fear Mr. Hanson overlooks one very important detail about the ents. The fact that they, in the end, made the right decision and triumphed over evil. For without the ents, the Hobbits could not have beaten Saruman. I am not saying that we necessarily need the Europeans to survive, but it is interesting nonetheless.

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