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In the Washington Post Anne Applebaum surveys the conspiracy theories currently in vogue on the Left regarding the struggle for democracy in Ukraine. She posits that these theorists really do deserve to be characterized as "Freedom-Haters":

At least a part of the Western left -- or rather the Western far left -- is now so anti-American, or so anti-Bush, that it actually prefers authoritarian or totalitarian leaders to any government that would be friendly to the United States. Many of the same people who found it hard to say anything bad about Saddam Hussein find it equally difficult to say anything nice about pro-democracy demonstrators in Ukraine. Many of the same people who would refuse to condemn a dictator who is anti-American cannot bring themselves to admire democrats who admire, or at least don’t hate, the United States. I certainly don’t believe, as President Bush sometimes simplistically says, that everyone who disagrees with American policies in Iraq or elsewhere "hates freedom." That’s why it’s so shocking to discover that some of them do.

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Sigh... The Left just can’t figure out what’s important. For more perspective on what is wrong with the Left, see the new article at TNR by Peter Beinart.


Whether you like TNR or not, this article is a MUST READ.


In case you’re too lazy to copy and paste...
Here’s the link DaveK posted

If Anne Applebaum was a blogger insteat of a journalist she would have linked to a statement, where the president actually did say, "that everyone who disagrees with American policies in Iraq or elsewhere hates freedom."

I was unable to find sth like that. And I consider it rather unlikely.

Though the rest of her article is deserving, it itches me quite a bit that all the ’critics’ of the president continue to get away with such cheap shots at him.

DaveK said:
"Sigh... The Left just can’t figure out what’s important. For more perspective on what is wrong with the Left..."

I suppose I’m the only one who thinks this sounds more than a little bit arrogant and elitist. The Left, according to DaveK, sounds to be a monolithic, homogenous group that just doesn’t get it. But isn’t THIS exact attitude displayed by DaveK supposed to be how The Left views conservatives/The Right? He even issued a patronizing sigh.

Sometimes this really just seems to break down to:
When the Left is perplexed by viewpoints and/or actions of conservatives, their analyses are chalked up to elitism and arrogance. When the Right feels the same way (perplexed by viewpoints and/or actions of Libs/Lefties), it’s because they know The Truth, and their opponents are too dumb or willfully ignorant to understand it...or just evil.

But, of course, both "sides" are looking at the situation this way, right?, and we’re getting further and further from any mutual understanding and civil respect. Really, it’s unfortunate.

God bless this world

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