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I have the great misfortune of being "represented" in Congress by Cynthia McKinney. Again.

Matthew Continetti of The Weekly Standard explains the causes of my misfortune. McKinney, you might recall, was infamous for accusing the Bush Administration of having advance knowledge of the 9/11 attacks and concealing it in order to profit its friends and supporters in the defense industry. Her support of Palestinian terrorists--er, I mean freedom fighters--was also notorious, as was her father’s (and her?) anti-Semitism.

In 2002, her record caught up with her. Offered a respectable opponent, the increasingly middle class African-American Democratic voters in her district (with the strategic assistance of "malicious" cross-over voting by Republicans in the primary) threw her out and nominated Denise Majette, who coasted to victory in the general election.

Inexplicably, Majette abandoned what would have been a safe seat at virtually the first word of a McKinney comeback, choosing instead a suicide mission, seeking to succeed Georgia political icon Zell Miller in the U.S. Senate. So we in Georgia’s 4th Congressional District are once again saddled with McKinney, clearly friendlier to radical Islam than any other member of Congress. She kept a low profile during the campaign, confident in the ability of her organization to turn out voters on her behalf, and in the relative dearth of Republicans in the district. But, as Continetti demonstrates and her own campaign website reveals, she hasn’t backed away from the stances that put her in the small company of Americans to the left of Michael Moore.

National Democrats can’t be happy with this. Majette’s voting record differed little from McKinney’s, but she was a much more attractive and winsome personality. Now, they’re saddled with McKinney’s potential for inflammatory rhetoric. They probably wish that she’d stayed at Cornell.

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As a native Georgian and a Democrat for the first 40 years or so of my life I can identify with the Cynthia McKenzie problem there and the political nightmare that resulted in her return to prominence in state politics.

Hopfully it won’t be for long. Good luck!

It is tragic that someone who blamed her loss on, to quote her father, "the J-E-W-S," could still be elected anywhere in this country. Where is the media outrage at this?! Where was the New York Times and its ilk when Robert Byrd used racial slurs on national television two years ago? Putting a "D" next to your name does not give you license to be a jackass and a bigot.

The Democratic Party should be embarrassed and the voters of the 4th District should be ashamed.

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