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The Democrats should ask for Annan’s resignation

Andy Busch has a good idea. The Demos next "Sister Souljah moment" has arrived and they should take advantage of it: they should demand that U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan resign. This would go a long way toward re-establishing their credibility regarding national security issues. Excellent idea!  

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Unfortunately, the clepto-Marxist (aka lunatic fringe) of the Party has already voiced its SUPPORT for Kofi. Yesterday 20 House Democrats (McDermot, Kucinich, Waters...) sent a letter to Secretary Powell asking him to support the Secretary General.

I honestly feel for the Nelson/Lieberman wing of the Dem Party...

Yes, FPK, they have, simply because they only know how to opposem they have no vision, no sensibility, nor any plan, they are berift of ideas, goals, or overarching philosophy except tax and spend, and of course, the opposition of any articulated Republican idea, ideal or criticism. Were the Republicans to suddenly change course and oppose capital punishment, Nancy Pelosi and her fellows would immediately be in favor of the idea. How else to explain their sudden concern for deficit spending and the "threat" of inflation that must surely ensue such "reckless fiscal policy." Not only morally bankrupt, they are intellectually bankrupt. Thus, we are treated to the image of Michael Moore, the leading "visionary" of liberal politics, grandly seated next to the worst president in history at their staged convention. The "democratic" party is a party without either rudder or sail. Should George Bush suddenly change positions on abortion, they would surely do the same. Were he to convert to Islam, they would immediately condem that religion with all of the fevor they now exercise against Christians. What a pathetic spectcale of nonesense from an allegedly "major" political party. Dr. Seuss is turning in his grave.

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