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The "Holiday" Brunch

Last weekend my husband and I were obliged to attend the "Holiday Brunch" sponsored by his boss (he works for a major Pharmaceutical company) for the research and development department of his company. Of course, it was very nice of his boss to go to the trouble and the food and the company were all just fine. The problem was the huge exercise in absurdity that kept all of these executives from saying "Merry Christmas." It was painful to watch as one co-worker or spouse after another approached us with limp hand and lame smile to offer their "Happy Holidays" greeting. But it was delightful to watch their stunned reaction as I responding in kind with a bold "Merry Christmas" or better still, "Christmas Blessings".

At my end of the table--far enough away from the boss to avoid getting my husband in trouble--a group of wives got into a rather heated discussion of the elephant in the room. No one there was anything other than Christian (at least in theory). Everyone was celebrating Christmas on Dec. 25. We were not on company property. Why were these people acting like this? What makes people cave to such absurdities? One mother started complaining that she was helping out with "craft day" at her son’s school and could not come up with anything that was seasonal but not specific to satisfy the teacher and the sensitivity codes at the public school. Even Santa Claus and Christmas trees are banned. I told her to go in with the old paper-plate angel decoration and tell them to shove it. Honestly, I am just fed up with these people. It is Christmas, for goodness sake. I, for one, am determined to see that my own kids get to celebrate it in the way it should be.

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C.S. Lewis said: "The Son of God became a man to enable men to become the sons of God." Without this perfect gift there is no "Holiday Parties", "Craft Days", or Santa Claus...

Say it loud, say it proud. And for the bullying censors and their cowardly toadies who have put us in this position: Indeed, SHOVE IT.

Good for you! It certainly is polite to wish someone who’s status you don’t know a cheery ’Happy Holidays’ or ’Season’s Greetings’, but if you aren’t sure it is a safe bet that the object of your greeting probably celebrates Christmas just as you do. And if they don’t? Well, only an impolite person would object or be offended.

I must say that you’ve nailed it!! Being Jewish (although I don’t practice the faith right now, I am still a Jew!)I can state clearly that some people need to get a life!!! I am not the least bit offended if someone happens to wish me a Merry Christmas. They have done it with the intent of being good Christians and that is based on Judeo-Christian beliefs to start with.

Now that is a very good Ponzi Scheme, one that everyone can support.

Julie, I liked your post so much I forwarded to all my Christian friends and all my relatives. My wife says that if people just did what they’ve always done, there’s no way any of the PC tyrants could stop them. I think she’s right. I’ve been saying "Merry Christmas" back at people who say "Happy Holidays" to me for several years now, and I’m glad that the attitude is catching on. Every once in a while we need "an interested and overbearing majority" to put the presumptuous minority on notice that our beneficent traditions will be preserved!

My husband and I are proud Nazarenes, but we always simply say "Happy Holidays!!" - it IS plural - because we thought it covered both Christmas AND New Year’s. We didn’t realize it was a problem, one way or the other...

I am so glad that I still live in a very rural, very conservative area of Pennsylvania. I was playing Christmas songs yesterday for my kids while they were doing a map and the Principal came in and sang a verse of Silent Night with the kids and then left. I was stunned, but very happy. Why should we have to give up all of our traditions to please a small minority?

Just more evidence that us ordinary people are taking back their country and culture. Merry Christmas to all and Happy Hannakuh to our Jewish brethren!!!

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