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The least diverse part of the country

The Economist
now joins the conversation on the lack of diversity in the American academy: "Academia is simultaneously both the part of America that is most obsessed with diversity, and the least diverse part of the country. On the one hand, colleges bend over backwards to hire minority professors and recruit minority students, aided by an ever-burgeoning bureaucracy of “diversity officers”. Yet, when it comes to politics, they are not just indifferent to diversity, but downright allergic to it.

Evidence of the atypical uniformity of American universities grows by the week." Read on.

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This article is nonsense, propaganda and more Conservative spin. I studied Econmics my Professor was a young professor name Dick Armey. Professor Armey at the time had crazy ideas. One of the young econ Professor idea was introdution of some looney idea of Flat tax, closing military bases Nationwide and World wide. That conservative professor became Conservative Rep.Dick Armey {R} Texas. Many of his conservative looney ideas including supply side nonsense were enacted into law. His looney ideas of desimating the Military under newt gingrich became law and now in Bush second term the Plan is to radically change the nation tax System.

Conservative Professor are more prevalent and influential in Academia than the Economist have outline. This is all propaganda!!

A lot of really brilliant people agree with things like a flat tax, supply side, or a radical change in the taxation of our country. Have you read anything by them? If you had, I doubt you would call it "loony" . . . maybe, different? And your use of propoganda (along with a lot of people) is wrong. Propoganda means nothing but the widespread promotion of any particular idea or doctrine (that was definitely me . . . not me reading my dictionary . . . Webster’s New World Dictionary . . .). It simply helps you to make your own decision based on the opinions of others and their interpretation of certain facts and statistics. To come on here and claim that conservative professors are more influential is "loony". Academia is DOMINATED by (generally) liberals. That’s just how it is. Smart people tend to get it right. Hehe . . . I just can’t believe that you could read so much data and still believe that academia has no leaning to the left . . . and that’s what I gather from your post . . . :-D

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