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Hillary’s run in 2008

Washington Whispers (U.S. News): "You don’t have to take it from us about Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton ’s desire to run for president. Her brothers, Hugh and Tony Rodham, say it’s true. Friends tell us that the two are cheering Sis on and say she’s making all the moves to get ready for the race--presuming she is re-elected by New Yorkers in 2006." (A few clicks down)

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If the Democrats have any desire to survive as a national party, they will ignore Hillary and choose someone like Evan Bayh. They are already in a deep, deep hole, and have little to no chance of regaining Congress any time soon. If they nominate another lefty in ’08, they had better start getting used to the idea of being the permanent minority party.

I think that the Democratic party will let Hillary run in 2008 in order to get publicity to the campaign (like Dean did in 2004), but that they will support someone else for President. They want to win this election and they can’t do it with someone as liberal as Hillary.

Lori - you really think that Hillary would do that? Run in the primaries and willingly kind of get shoved out by the National Democratic Party? I doubt it. I think Moe is absolutely right. Ignore Hillary. If no one new can be found to run, send in Howard Dean. :-D Unless, of course, the Republicans run a moderate. Then we’re screwed, cause we hate those now, I guess. Stupid Democrats . . .

Ok, I to be the dissenting voice. But I think Hillary would have a chance, unfortunately. After all, it’s not really about who’s liberal or who’s conservative... keep in mind, a lot of people out there think Bill Clinton was a moderate. Never underestimate the effect of spin, and I highly doubt MSM is going to be spinning for the GOP candidate....

WHY does no one ever mention the Judicial Watch lawsuits against the Clintons? She could concievably be in prison.

Matt, I don’t think that Hillary would willingly just give up after running. I think that the Democratic party would use her when they need her early in the campaign and then use spin to get her out of the picture.

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