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North Korean hair

I tried to get a haircut yesterday (my mother told me to do it last week). Too long of a wait, so I’m going today. Amusingly enough I just noticed this BBC report on the campaign for short hair in North Korea. It is worth reading just to reflect for a moment on the insanity of ideology, then go back to reading Wodehouse.

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Peter, I get my hair cut at the same place my wife gets her hair and nails done. I make appointments and there is no waiting.

Do you mean ideology GENERALLY speaking, or just leftist ideologies?? Funny, I thought there were a lot of right-wing ideologies trumpeted here at NLT...
Do they represent "insanity," too???

More proof for my conservative parents that the long hair does not mean deviation from generations of family conservatism.

You heard the dear leader, republicans - time to grow the hair - let your freak flag fly!

Do you mean ideology GENERALLY speaking, or just leftist ideologies?? Funny, I thought there were a lot of right-wing ideologies trumpeted here at NLT... Do they represent "insanity," too???

Boy, remind me not to say anything bad about North Korea when J. Montgomery’s around!

No argument whatsoever that the hair piece (pun intended) demonstrates an insane leftist ideology. I only note how the righties here apparently don’t even recognize that they too embrace "ideology." The left has no monopoly on it by any means. It’s odd that I must point this out.

To J. Montgomery:
In this case an ideology of the Left. But, I think ideology (of the Left or Right) is an ugly word and a bad thing. I do not have one, nor do I think any of the splendid writers for NLT have one. They have opinions, an intellectual and even moral disposition, perhaps even a certain philosophic way, but that is different from the closed system called an ideology.

Thanks for the clarification. I find it hard to believe that you and the other NLT bloggers don’t have some systematic set of (shared) doctrines or beliefs. I get a definite sense of one, at least. Love of free markets, republicanism, neoliberal economics, strict constructionism regarding the Constitution, pro-business, anti-unions, pro-privatization, anti-regulation, etc. Certainly all of this adds up to something like an ideology of the right? If Ashbrook Ctr. and NLT does not represent an ideology of the right, what (think tank or academic center, for example) does?? Doesn’t the very name of this blog indicate something resembling an ideology, or is there a really wide variation in opinion among NLT bloggers as to what constitutes the dreaded "left turn"? Maybe an agreed upon definition of ideology is in order.

Ah . . . I smell the ridiculousness of Allan Bloom in your response, Dr. Schramm . . . hehe . . .

I had to chuckle when I read the original post. Yes, unquestioned adherence to ideology is a dangerous thing. History is riddled wide array of actions done in the name of ideology--from the surprisingly benign, to the silly, to the downright pure-and-simple evil. Even more dangerous, however, is "blind" adherence to ideology..... thus, the irony of the post. No, there’s no ideology here on this blog--at least none that is seen or recognized!

I think Professor Schramm is in a very deep kind of denial. Ok, so he follows a variety of right-wing ideology. He should just admit that this is so and move on. That would help ME to take him more seriously, at least...

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