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Washington Whispers (U.S. News & World report) says this absurd thing: Here’s the long shot of the year: Congressional Democrats will OK a constitutional amendment allowing naturalized citizens like California Gov. Arnold Schwarzen egger to run for president if Republicans help kill the 22nd Amendment barring third terms, thus clearing the way for another bid by Bill Clinton and, presumably, President Bush. Right now it’s the talk among political strategists, but look for it to spread on Capitol Hill when Sen. Orrin Hatch reintroduces his plan to let naturalized citizens run for president after 20 years.

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Absurd on the merits, yes.

But we should never underestimate the Democrats’ tireless efforts to get around existing rules, let along existing laws, in order to further their ends. They never give up, never say "never," and never take no for an answer. I think they would love to get Bill Clinton back into the White House, and we cannot just kick back and assume it will never happen. These people are utterly ruthless and utterly determined. They are also smart and loaded with money. A little thing like a constitutional prohibition won’t necessarily daunt them.

We should also never underestimate Orrin Hatch’s willingness to get taken to the cleaners by these people.

And they say conservatives drive while looking in the rearview mirror. For a platform to appeal to the American people, they want to go BACK 10 years! What next? George McGovern?

Clinton (either one) is sooo yesterday.

I think they seriously overestimate Clinton’s ability to get elected. The guy never got 50% of the vote, and should call Ross Perot every morning to thank him for the 1992 election. He would fare no better than Kerry, and given the petty way he ended his second term (Marc Rich, stolen silverware, plea bargains with the special prosecutor) he could do even worse. But when you don’t have a forward-looking agenda or any rational policy goals, I guess you take what you can get.

George Bush v. Bill Clinton. I love it.

I think the Democrats are in this sad boat because the media wing of their party has given their far-left tint *too* well. A would-be president needs two major things: positions that the electorate agrees with, and name-recognition/familiarity with a large number of people across the nation. I’d contend that the majority of the nation isn’t aligned with the far-left positions, but which politicians are presented to everyone by the media? Dean? Hillary? Kerry? Not exactly poli-centric figures. Dems have to struggle with an issue now - do they put forward someone that everyone knows and most disagree with, or someone that very few people know.

David, do you not note the irony of your diatribe? First, let’s assume this rumor has some merit. Now, the main point, it appears that a TRADE has been proposed--altering the "rule" about natural born citizens being able to serve as presidents. So only the democrats are getting around rules here?

You’ve obviously misread the comment, Jonnie. David doesn’t necessarily have a problem with the constitutional amendments--and assuming they’re planning on using legal means to amend, there’s nothing about it that amounts to "getting arond rules." His fear is that the Democrats will try to ignore the Constitution altogether.

sorry john, you didn’t convince me that you read both mine and his post correctly

Here’s the problem, it would be deleterious to our future as a Nation to allow for foreign Born citizens to be elected. Maybe Arnold would be a great President, ( I have my doubts) but the risk would be too great. Who is to say that in 20 years a man from a foreign country could not be elected President and find himself in a conflict between the security or financial betterment of America and his own homeland. How would America fair now, if we had an Iranian born President during the war on Terror. What if it became evident that Iran was ( as it is in reality ) seeking Nuclear weapons to attack Israel. Would he chose to preemptively strike his homeland in defense of the infidels? The scenarios are endless and just as ominous.

So why would we, as Christians want to jeopardize the future , and allow Slick Willy back in the White House, just to get a mediocre Centrist Republican elected. Makes no sense to me!
This is being bandied about right now, and will likely drop off the public’s radar for awhile. I am just afraid that when it comes back to the forefront, it may be too close to ratification for it to become subjected to public scrutiny.
It is commonly feared by some who I am in agreement with, that this could allow for a Dictator or foreign despot to become a lifetime leader of the free world.
(Republicans for Condi in ’08)

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