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A Patriot’s History of the United States

I heard one of the authors of this book, Larry Schweikart, interviewed yesterday and it sounded terrific so I went to Amazon and ordered it this morning. Here’s an interview with the same author posted at FrontPage magazine. If anyone has already read this book, I’d be interested in your thoughts.

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Yes, I have read this book and can’t tell you how grateful I was for it. I had even considered writing a book just like it (only mine was to be entitled _An American’s History of America_). After suffering through literally dozens of academic American history textbooks that amount to little more than tales of heroes (leftists) and villains (conservatives), this book was a welcome respite. The historical profession has become so shamedly monolithic in its outlook and unfriendly to other points of view, that it holds little if any value at all. We need more historians like these to produce more books like this. There is nothing inherently "left-wing" in history, but historians (like most academics) approach the subject predisposed to a left-wing point of view and therefore see everything in history through those lenses. This leads to distortions, strategic omissions of unfriendly evidence, and logical absurdities. The author’s of A Patriot’s History point all of these things out and are to be applauded for it. I did notice a number of grammatical errors, though. Just some poor editing I guess. But overall it is a masterpiece that I only hope people will turn to instead of to the Left-wing propoganda that every other U.S. History textbook is (with the sole exception of Paul Johnson’s _A History of the American People_)


I too bought the book off of and it came yesterday. I immediately started reading it, but I started in the middle, since that is where we are in AP history. The chapter on the Robber Barons was good because it provided another side of these men that you don’t get in textbooks.

However, I was a bit concerned about how they portrayed the Sinking of the Maine. They claimed that in 1910, it was descovered that it was indeed a bomb on the boat. I have always read and learned that it was a boiler explosion. I need to check into it some more.

In all, I like the read of the book and it seems to be a good suppliment to round out ones curriculum.

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