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Blogs and the GOP advantage

Michael Barone explains that the left blogosphere has moved the Demos farther left, "and the right blogosphere has undermined the credibility of the Republicans’ adversaries in Old Media," and thereby helps the GOP.

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True enough. I read the conservative blogs, and I see lots of opinions, but they are based on hard facts and logical conclusions.

Then I read liberal blogs, and all I see are opinions. Not well reasoned, not often supported, and not well thought out.

Example, Social Security: conservative bolgs evaluate the issues, and even point out what the pitfalls are, but conclude that a change is reasonable and possible. The liberal blogs dismiss any kind of change, ridicule Bush for his ideas, and generally reject any argument for change. Now, you may disagree with the proposed plan, but to simply do a knee-jerk rejection of any plan right out of the gate is simply obstruction.

Anger over losing anybody? Anger breeds irrationality! It saddens me that "we lefties" are being urged to follow the lemmings over the cliff...

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