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Could Europe be wrong?

Is it possible that Bush is right now, as Reagan was in 1987 when he asked Gorbi to "tear down this wall"? The Europeans were sceptical (to say the least) then, and they are sceptical now. But an article in the German Der Spiegel maintains that it is possible that Bush will prove to be correct. Also note a few good lines, example:

Maybe we don’t want the world to change, because change can, of course, be dangerous. But in a country of immigrants like the United States, one actually pushes for change. In Mainz today, the stagnant Europeans came face to face with the dynamic Americans. We Europeans always want to have the world from yesterday, whereas the Americans strive for the world of tomorrow.

(Thanks to Arts & Letters Daily).

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I have often wondered if the differences in future/past orientation between Americans and Europeans had to do with natural selection. For four centuries millions of Europeans who wanted a better life could come to America to make it happen...and millions in fact did make the move. Is it possible that we have drained all the forward-thinking and sensible people out of Europe (with their numerous wars killing off the remaining remnant of the sensible and forward-thinking)? Just a thought.

Unfortunately there were also a few folks left there hiding under the rocks for safety! Maybe some of those left are not only the non-forward-thinkers, but the cowards as well? Just a thought!

Wow. There are actually Europeans left who "go against the norm," so to speak.

I’m not asking for every European to readily accept American priunciples, for I know that probably won’t happen. However, it is great to see some open-minded people who are still there. I do not wish for a war of any sort between America and Europe, or even parts of Europe. So I hope that all our differences will be resolved as quickly as possible. Of course, I would love to see them all on the same page as America. That wouldn’t be too bad at all in my opinion.

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