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Eason Jordan and CNN

Eason Jordan, the CNN reporter famous for admitting in 2003 that he had NOT reported many horrible things about Saddam Hussein in an effort to keep CNN in Iraq, apparently stepped in it again during a speech he gave at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Jordan claimed, without any evidence offered, that the US military targeted and killed at least a dozen journalists. He also claimed that the US Military tortured journalists in a separate accusation two months ago. Read the details here and follow Hugh Hewitt for continuing updates on this story which has the potential to be even more explosive than the Rather scandal.

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Jordan Eason’s explanation (see for his statement equals or possibly surpasses Clinton’s famous
"...depending what the meaning of is is."

Everyone who reads this spot should email CNN, asking that this traitor be fired! CNN was/is the Clinton News Network, and supported Saddam Hussein, in order not to lose its Baghdad office. Apparently, old habits die hard. Jordan is so up-to-date, no one has let him know there’s a new sheriff in Baghdad!

He should go home to Georgia, and let some of those good ol’ boys down there clue him in!

Mr. Eason should look into his Vietnam War archives and those of ABC, CBS and NBC to find out what the term "frag" means. Then it applied to officers. Reporting that gets American troops killed..........well..

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