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Iraqi Women Post Saddam

Reuters is reporting that Amnesty International is poised to release a report stating that women in Iraq "are no better off than under the rule of ousted dictator Saddam Hussein." I am interested to see this report, which does not appear to be on their web site yet, because it seems that they have a very selective memory of what life was like under Saddam, or what life is like now for Iraqi women.

Toward the end of my time in Iraqi, I recall chatting with a Lebonese woman who was providing humanitarian aid. She (and others) explained to me that if Saddam’s son, Uday, happened to be travelling anywhere near where you lived, you kept your daughters inside to prevent him from capturing them as his sex slaves. I visited one of Uday’s palaces--his love shack--where the soldiers found sex slaves locked in a room when they liberated the country. These women were lucky to have lived: Uday was known to be impotent, and would often kill the women he kidnapped, blaming them for his own his own failure. Of course, Uday was not the only rapist in the regime: Saddam officially sanctioned rape as a punishment in his now famous rape rooms.

Yet the Reuters’ article makes no mention of any of this. Rather it quotes the report for the following offenses: "Women have been subjected to sexual threats by members of the U.S.-led forces and some women detained by U.S. forces have been sexually abused, possibly raped[.]" Any crimes committed by U.S. soldiers should be seriously examined and, if proven, punished, but the hedge word "possibly" means that Amnesty didn’t have particularly solid evidence regarding the more serious of the allegations. Under Saddam, rape was officially sanctioned, and there is no question that it occurred regularly. How then can conditions be the same?

Amnesty also cites to increased violence, which keeps women from working or going to school. I personally travelled throughout Iraq, and I just didn’t see this. I saw girls going to school in increased numbers, largely because of improvements made to the school facilities. I saw people going about their daily lives in the face of random violence. More recently, it was the women who shamed the men by going out to vote in large numbers in the violent centers of Fallujah and Sadr City while the men stayed home.

The article also fails to mention the increased political role that women have gained: women now constitute roughly 25% of the legislature. You get the idea. Women have a long way to go in Iraq to achieve meaningful equality, but that does not mean that they have not made any progress since Saddam was removed, and it takes a demonstrably skewed perspective to suggest otherwise.

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If the reports of this silly AI report are true, then AI--already an organization whose credibility and objectivity are suspect--has thoroughly exposed itself as a pernicious joke.

I have a professional acquaintance who is a) a liberal Democrat; b) a Gore and Kerry voter; and c) an opponent of the way the Iraq war began. My acquaintance has certain professional skills that were deemed useful, so he went to Baghdad for several months last year at the request of the Administration. Though no defeatist, he has since become highly critical of certain US decisions and omissions in Iraq. So he’s hardly a Bush fan or a big hawk (more like a terribly conflicted quasi-dove).

Yet he has told me over and over again of how he would talk to Iraqis--including many women--in various parts of the country about the Saddam years and they would begin spontaneously weeping as their thoughts and the conversation turned to relatives, friends, and loved ones who had disappeared into the jails and the mass graves never to return.

Whatever provable derelictions US or other coalition personnel may commit should of course be found out, prosecuted, and punished, but let us be clear: To Saddam and his henchmen, cruelty, rape, and violence were not crimes but in fact regular instruments of rule, and there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of Iraqis alive today who know and recall this all too well. I wonder how many of the women among them Amnesty International talked to in preparing this "report."

"I wonder how many of the women among them Amnesty International talked to in preparing this "report."-Sue de Nimes

Probably none at all.

Amnesty International has long been dedicated to trashing anything American.

America is like God, never does anything wrong and Amnesty International is like Satan, confusing people about what’s right and what’s wrong, right? Amnesty International is telling these women that their lives have not improved even if they have. I bet that AI paid these women to say these horrible things about Americans.

Americans should be grateful that they have a leader like GWB, who is infallible.

america commited more rapes and murders and atrocities against millions of defenseless people than any other nation. Now wants the people to believe it’s interested in human rights. Because couldn’t find wmds. Joke! Only people who tune into fox channel believe this silly propaganda.

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