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It’s Not Your Mother’s Tupperware Party

When I was a kid, my mom and her female friends would get together for card club, baby/wedding showers and, occasionally, that heralded institution: the party to which you are expected to come and buy some item that you don’t really need and is over-priced to boot. Tupperware was a perennial favorite and, living in Ohio as we did, Longaberger baskets were quite popular too.

Now that I am the Mom, I understand the popularity of this phenonmenon. It is an excuse to get together with the girls, meet some friends of friends, have a few glasses of wine, and escape the responsibilities and stresses of motherhood for a few hours. I have attended parties of this variety hocking everything from kitchen goods to jewelry.

But evidently, that is all old-school. Today I have learned that there are no limits to the scope and variety of these parties as an invitation to a "Passion Party" arrived at my doorstep. I am no prude--but really. Is this what passes as sexy today? Hyped up lingerie and sex toys?

I think I need to join a card club.

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Can I get the address to the party? :)

A teacher at my school said that one of her parents invited her to this "get together" at her house. Being a new teacher she went so she could get to know other ladies. She arrived, not knowing what type of party it was, and was surprised to see most of the moms from her kindergarden class. Her socks were about knocked off when she realized what they were selling. She didn’t know if she bought something if they would say that she was "a little free", or if she didn’t, would they call her a prude?

Card clubs are so 1950s and sex clubs are so 1990s. Why not go to a lecture on multi-culturalism or comparative religtions instead — and learn something.

A "lecture" on multi-culturalism or comparative religion? That’s a poor way to kill 3 or 4 minutes of claptrap. Go read a speech by Churchill instead - that will be learning something.

After attending a lecture on multiculturalism or comparative religions I think the only place I’d want to go afterward is a bar! But seriously, guys, this is mothers getting together for a little relaxation--not a graduate seminar! Life has room for both.

Julie, I think there’s no reason not to combine a lingerie party with a discussion of Lincoln’s statesmanship! :)

Especially if it’s true that Lincoln was gay! Sorry, guys, I couldn’t resist....

John, you can have your own gay man lingerie party with Lincoln! I’m staying home! :)

Julie, I’ve never been to one of those "Passion Parties," nor have I been to a Tupperware "party" or any other party, for that matter, that revolves around buying stuff as a form of socializing. They ALL sound kinda pathetic to me, for that reason alone. If I need to buy a plastic bowl, I’ll go to the store and buy one. Hardly the focal point for a party. That said, perhaps the lingerie at Passion Parties is cheesy Frederick’s of Hollywood caliber stuff, but do you have some general opposition to lingerie? If so, then I think your "I’m no prude" disclaimer just doesn’t cut it. Yes, as a matter of fact, lingerie DOES pass as sexy today, and has for quite some time. As for sex toys, I think the idea is that they aren’t "sexy" so much as "sexual."

Why not go to a lecture on multi-culturalism or comparative religtions instead — and learn something.

Yeah, learn how to smoke dope and hate your country.

AT, don’t be such a snob. I guess a high-brow dinner party or lecture about art is the only good reason to get together. Us ordinary folk think that having our wives go to a tupperware party to talk about kids, art, or shopping to socialize, have a drink, and get out of the house is a fine reason for a party. A couple of guy friends sharing burgers and beer in a backyard or going to a Boy Scout meeting are fine ways to socialize. Nothing pathetic about these. Things great and small can bring us together to share ourselves in relationship. But, you can keep your sex toys for your friendships whether they’re "sexy," "sexual," or just downright perverse.

AT: I have no opposition to lingerie or even lively sexual innuendo. I have been known to shop at Victoria’s Secret and like a little cute banter as much as the next woman. But crude talk about masterbation in a room full of women I barely know does not turn me on and I feel sorry for people who think THAT is sexy. That is the ultimate in low-brow and pathetic.

Of course, I would rather go to a nice dinner party with intelligent people and (yes, TW, discuss Lincoln) than just about anything else too--but when you have a couple kids and the schedule that implies, you’re happy for just about any excuse for down time. If that makes me pathetic or hopelessly backward, so be it.

Julie - I said that the parties (Tupperware, Passion, or otherwise) sound pathetic to me. Yeah, sure, "crude talk about masterbation (sic)" in a room full of women you barely know IS pathetic, as you said. But so is talking about getting a good seal on a plastic bowl of leftovers (need this be discussed in a forum?). Be the event low-brow or high-brow or middle-brow, any socializing that is based on little more than door-to-door sales pitches is both silly and boring to me (as well as pathetic). That’s my opinion. I didn’t call you "hopelessly backward," and I didn’t mean to infer it. If Tupperware trips your trigger, that’s fine with me.

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