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Jimmy Carter, attack submarine

The Jimmy Carter, the third and final submarine of the Seawolf class, will be commissioned in two days. It’s an attack submarine. This has led to much commentary if not merriment. My chivalrous spirit (as Bertie Wooster might say) prevents me from saying more. But others have opined, here and, perhaps the best is this cartoon.

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it’s not such a stretch when you realize he worked under admiral rickover developing the nuclear navy. unfortunately, that’s also where he learned to be a micromanager who couldn’t let go of anything. hence the disaster in the desert of iran.

Jimmy Carter should have had a submarine tender named after him, or perhaps a hospital ship. But a fighting ship? Just goes to prove once again that real life beats satire these days.

no more ridiculous than a team from New England being called "Patriots"

Yes, I think Steve Hayward’s comment about this being a "fighting ship?" just about nails it.

Chivalry is all well and good, but President Jimmy sure hasn’t shown much in recent years. He is one of those pathetic men who gets worse, not better, with age.

The non-chivalrous rednecks at would call this story a "barf alert."

In other news...the US Navy has reinstated the hot air ballon as an observation platform. The first one to be comissioned for service in 2006 will be named the USS Bill Clinton.

Remember The Simpsons episode when we learned that the Navy had a ship named after Vice President Walter Modale?

It was laundry ship!

A nuclear attack submarine named, USS Jimmy Carter......Now, there’s an oxymoron

The news item is wrong. It’s not a "Seawolf class" sub, but a new, very small, nonviolent one -- "Rabbit class."

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