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No Left Turns, mischief for Democrats

Tim Dickinson writes a surprsingly critical piece for Rolling Stone on Dickinson points out that has failed thus far:

They signed up 500,000 supporters with an Internet petition -- but Bill Clinton still got impeached. They organized 6,000 candlelight vigils worldwide -- but the U.S. still invaded Iraq. They raised $60 million from 500,000 donors to air countless ads and get out the vote in the battle-ground states -- but George Bush still whupped John Kerry. A gambler with a string of bets this bad might call it a night. But just keeps doubling down.

But failure has nor kept them down. They have revolutionized Democratic politics and they mean to push on. Their man Dean is now chairman of the DNC. They think they own the Democratic Party, and they are engineering (with Dean?) a serious campaign for Liberal Demos to take back the House in 2006 (in imitation of Gingrich’s great success in 1994). Livingstone is sceptical, to say the least. Very much worth reading.   

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When Rolling Stone, one of the most liberal rags on the market—the most anti-Bush, anti-middle American values, anti-military rag on the rack—thinks you might be too far left…well, youare.

MoveOn and Howard Dean will only further marginalize the Democratic party while bolstering the ranks of the Republican party.

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