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North Korean gambit

Now that North Korea has admitted that it has nukes,
and thereby also admitting that it has been lying for a while (including to Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter), the stakes are getting very interesting. China is the one who could apply most pressure, of course. This will become interesting.
The Belmont Club has more thoughts (click down).

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They have named their first three nukes Madeline, Hillary and Aimee.

North Korea has nukes, so does Iran, Osama Bin Laden is doing the side strattle hop saying he is going to kill more americans, and we are busy trying to train troops in Iraq. Was it ever on the table to get rid of Saddam and then exit so as to show the world that we are mobile and have the force and fierceness to lay waste to a nation and then move on? As long as North Korea knows we are tied down in Iraq they have less to fear, after all some South Korean units are deployed to Iraq, and Iran is laughing because they can expect almost as much hope in influencing the new Iraq as the U.S can. It seems to me that we have tried the: it is better be loved than feared approach and it is drainning us of viable options that might have been available in a more shock an awe, send them scrambling in fear route. I think we really show our hand in that the terrorist believe that this is the most resolve for destruction the U.S. can muster in its own defense. After all if it can’t get any meaner than this with a republican cowboy president with real power, then certainly all this tought talk by the U.S. is posturing?

China is of course the key to constraining North Korea’s madman. I think there is only one real solution...very publically make Japan a nuclear power, with a promise to do the same for Taiwan. China does NOT want that, and I don’t see any other way (short of war in Korea) of changing the current situation.

Why don’t we just leave everyone alone?

Excuse me sir, why are you a Marine? No offense, but if you put on the uniform thinking that we should leave everyone alone, there isn’t a demand for your services.

That isn’t an argument, or an answer to your question, but you can probably come up with a better answer to your own question than I can, you have heard all the arguments by now.

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