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Teenage recklessness

Forgive me for the unrestrained laughter in reading this report from the WaPo on teenage driving. Remember, Vicki and I have four children (16 to 26). Scientists at the National Institutes of Health have discovered "that the region of the brain that inhibits risky behavior is not fully formed until age 25, a finding with implications for a host of policies, including the nation’s driving laws." The psychiatrist leading the study said this:
"We’d thought the highest levels of physical and brain maturity were reached by age 18, maybe earlier -- so this threw us." He then adds that that makes adolescence "a dangerous time, when it should be the best." There is more rocket science here. For example, it was discovered that the judgment of teens further deteriorates with distractions. Another said, with Solomonic wisdom, "Teenagers’ brains are not broken; they’re just still under construction." The next thing we’ll hear is that there might be some differences between men and women regarding such matters as risk taking. Read the whole thing and amuse yourself.   

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News Flash: Babies are really Immature!

Next thing you know, they will "discover" that the sun tends to come up, not only in the east, but ususally just after 6am, and that rain tends to fall down (as opposed to up) towards the earth, and actually settling there in the ground. I have two teenage kids. Either I am a brilliant scientist, or these folks are dumb parents.

Bah. This is all propoganda. Teenagers are the purest of all ages, definitely. The smartest too. Absolutely. Heh.

I agree. This was funny stuff. Thanks.

Thankfully, there is a four-year gap between the drinking age and the maturity age. That means 4 years of good times.

This may very well explain a lot... At least in scientific terms. Well, time to go have fun and mess around and be dangerous! :)

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