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Powerline has a good note on the new Churchill Museum (Winston, of course, not the kook in Colorado), opened last week by the Queen. It would seem, according to the review Powerline mentions, that the museum is unable to teach us much about Winston. We have to stick with the good biographies. A couple are mentioned, and I would add Geoffrey Best’s, Churchill: A Study in Greatness to the list. Some good links, including to James Muller’s new edition of The River War, due out in the Fall. Also remember Steve Hayward’s excellent Churchill on Leadership.

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I would like to add Sir Martin Gilbert’s excellent "Wartime Leadership of Winston Churchill," John Keegan’s stirring brief volume, and any volume of Churchill’s speeches themselves make for great reading and studies of rhetoric. Try his volumes on the World Wars as well.

I’ve always thought this gem was a proof of his genius -

""If our country were defeated, I hope we should find a champion as admirable [as Hitler] to restore our courage and lead us back to our place among the nations."
Winston Churchill, in his Great Contemporaries, 1937

And this proves what, exactly, aside from the fact that even great people occasionally say or write things that they later come to regret? Do you have any heroes, Mr. Flint? I’m willing to bet we could dig up some fascinating dirt about them, too.

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