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The trouble with liberals and democracy

Ross Terrill, a man on the Left, considers why the Left has lost faith in democracy (why the harsh change of tone in their rhetoric?) and its advancement. While not a sufficient answer, it is self-conscious enough to be taken seriously.
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If you are a Socialist, the voting public has not been kind to your worldview. You can ask what the public sees that you don’t or you can conclude that everyone else is contemptibly short sighted ("How Could 66M People Be So Stupid?").

The only people left on the the Hard Left are those that have conluded the latter.

There is no mystery here. The Left never believed in democracy, any more than it believes in freedom of speech or freedom of religion. All of these battle cries are just politcal slogans to be used against society, or the right, when convenient. We are seeing the Left’s true colors now, not some bizarre change of philosophy.

I do agree that liberalism is down for the count, whatever its views on democracy.

However, the political lanscape seems none less complex.

I consider myself to be a great example. I remain opposed to taxes and in favor of the 10th Amendment. I value Christian morals and seek to live in accordance with the Bible.

Yet, I cannot express with enough vigor my disgust for the Republican Party.

I initially united with some of my liberal friends against this war and against the "war on terror" in general. But, as time passes and my anger transitions towards thought, I realize that I cannot unite with a group that advocates abortion and homosexuality.

If I may, I would suggest that Bush has broken off and become the extreme right, with an emphasis in war -- a very powerful group at the moment. Some of us ran to the Democrats in a fit of panic, but now must return to more prudent and conservative views. Some who ran to the Bush side in panic of terrorism also have broken to the middle.

So, my muddled analysis would be that we now have an extreme right, left (now weakend), a standard middle, and of course all those silly groups like the Libertarians.

I suppose the question is, as always, would the middle prefer the extreme right or the extreme left? I suspect we will prefer none but our own (especially if we or Israel attacks Iran).

Let us all hope that this marks the end of two parties and beginning of three or four. That would slow the lawmakers down!!

The fewer laws the better, right? (You can’t be too sure, a lot has changed on this site since I graduated.)


I empathize with your frustration. As a liberal, Democrat I’m automatically shunned because of my pro-life stance. How ridiculous is that? If you’re a Republican, you can be shunned for being pro-choice. I definitely agree that there is an extreme right, an extreme left, and a bunch of people in the middle who can’t possibly agree with a party on every single issue . . . The really sad part is that the party really gets pissy with people like that. If you don’t entirely agree with the party, you are made to feel like you don’t really belong with the party. *sigh* And Howard Dean’s not going to help . . . heh.

It is sooo stinkin’ late . . .

Howard Dean represents the core of the Democratic party very well. In these terms, he is a completely logical choice.

As for Mr. Kubiak’s suggestion that Bush is of the "extreme right," one wonders if he ever manages to read the newspaper. Any newspaper.

Bush is not of the extreme right. That is plain and simple. It is because he is not a member of the KKK. And yes, it does still, unfortunately, exist. I am a republican, and I am not very moderate. However, I am not of the extreme right. Those people are so conservative, that they do not like Black people, or Jews, or anyone of a differnt faith. Or anyone who is different in anyway.

Those are the extreme right. President Bush is not one of them.

As a liberal, Democrat I’m automatically shunned because of my pro-life stance. . . . If you’re a Republican, you can be shunned for being pro-choice.

Matt, there is a huge difference between the parties on this issue. The Republicans are much more open-minded toward differing views, as demonstrated by the lineup at their convention every four years. The Democratic leadership, on the other hand, uniformly shuns anyone who disagrees with the party’s NARAL mantra. Hell, they actually dis-invited Governor Casey from speaking in 1992, and if anything they have become more doctrinaire left since then. And heaven help you if you think you are running for any major office today as a pro-life Democrat. The Republicans, by contrast, routinely elect Congressman and governors who disagree with the party platform, and bend over backwards to accommodate both wings of the party.

There is a difference in open-mindedness between the parties, and it’s not the one the Democrats like to believe.

There is nobody more right-wing than I, and I hate neither blacks nor people of other faiths. I am an uber-zionist so anti-semite doesn’t fit either. It is not honest to label racists and anti-semites as "right-wing."

I can show you just as many bigots on the left as I can on the right.

As for you types, do you guys hate America more than the Michael Moore left? It seems close.

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