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Tricky Dick (Cheney for President, after all?)

Fred Barnes explains why Dick Cheney is, in Barnes’ opinion, the best GOP man to succeed Geroge W. Bush in 2008 here.

According to Barnes, the other potential candidates simply don’t measure up next to Cheney. Barnes believes that Cheney makes up in gravitas and wry humor what he lacks in charisma.

My own opinion is that short, frumpy, balding, grey-haired guys with glasses should be eligible for public office. Let’s just say Cheney has esoteric charisma. For beginners, esoteric charisma means that Cheney’s charisma is made conspicuous by its absence.

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I suspect I would criticize your comments if they were coherent. However, I did pick up on your truly rapier wit regarding "esoteric charisma."

So,for me, your pointlessness was at least mitigated by your tastelessness.

Cheney was the most qualified person in the country to be president in 2000, and after Bush, he still is now.

But the Left has done a job on him in the public mind. His popularity numbers are lousy, and he’s a reluctant and poor campaigner. Also, there’s the heart issue and the age issue. He’d unfortunately be a weak candidate and it’s hard to see him running.

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