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Bush had it right?

Daniel Schorr is awaking from his decades long slumber. He says this: "Something remarkable is happening in the Middle East - a grass-roots movement against autocracy without any significant ’Great Satan’ anti-American component." Good things are happening in the whole region, he notes. "During the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, President Bush said that ’a liberated Iraq can show the power of freedom to transform that vital region.’" He concludes: "He may have had it right." I have been listening to him (before satellite radio) say nothing for decades. He finally got one right, and darn it, I missed it. Oh well, taxpayers money well spent. Give enough monkeys typewriters, etc.....

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Schorr said anything remotely positive about Bush? Did the earth stop and I missed it? Are you sure it was the Daniel Schorr I hear on NPR? Will wonders never cease.

Argh. I’ve been waiting for an opportune time to use the monkeys-typewriter-Shakespeare jab (I even have a relevant graphic of a monkey at a typewriter) and you beat me to it. Nice post.

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