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Condi for president?

I saw Tim Russert press Secretary of State Rice last Sunday. He insisted that she give an airtight "no" to the question of whether she intends to run for president in 2008. I thought the thing was an embarrasment (for Russert). What’s the sense of doing this to a sitting Secretary of State who--quite naturally--will be in the position of being a candidate, even if she really is not interested? This is especially true if the Demos end up nominating Hillary, which I predict they must. What’s the point of forcing Condi to say no? Even is she were deeply interested, she couldn’t say so. After all, it may affect her current work, wouldn’t it. Yet, Russert pressed on. Foolish stuff, I thought.

Well, Wes Pruden notes that it doesn’t matter what she said, she left herself a way out. He’s right.

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The greater significance of all the media attention paid to the presidential election in 2008 is that it serves to make Bush a lame duck from the beginning of his second term. Certainly the President did not help matters by moving to the top of his agenda an item (Social Security reform) that was not a major issue for the cultural and religious conservatives who propelled him to re-election. But by having media attention focused upon the race in ’08 rather than on his current agenda, Bush is more likely to face resistance in the polls and from Congress.

I agree with Mr. Meckler on all points. Bush is in a stronger position than he seems to think, but, at least in domestic policy, it is far from a great one.

Condi has handled the presidential talk quite well so far. However, she wouldn’t be the best candidate against Hillary or any other Democrat. She would be an excellent V-P candidate.

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