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Constitution of Europe

Here is the 400 plus page proposed Constitution of Europe, for those interested.

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Doesn’t 700 pages seem to be overdoing it? The beauty of our Constitution, and the reason it has lasted so long, is its simplicity. The purpose of a Constitution is to provide the government’s basic framework, not to determine every minute detail of every issue.

Yes, too long. I would hate to be a European schoolchild having to study THAT Constitution. However, unless I’m missing something, it seems to be about 450 pages -- not 700 plus.

Anything much more than 20-30 pages is too much.

Sorry, meant to say over 500 pages. But it is just under 500.

Well, obviously there’s a good bit of micro-management in the document, which will prove to be a straight-jacket. This may be a good thing in that it will hasten secessionist movements -- the EU is destined to fail (probably as soon as France understands that she will NOT dominate the federation). Whatever speeds its collapse along (and allows the true richness of European society to reemerge) is welcome in my book.

Imagine, the English and the Scots obeying the dictates of Brussels! The world turned upsidedown!

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