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LAT praises Bush, Republicans

Read this analysis of Republican legislative successes. My favorite paragraph:

"The plate tectonics are being shaped for some really big fights — really big fights on Social Security, judges, the budget," said former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.). "I don’t think it’s at all obvious how these things are going to work their way out."

Interesting stuff, eh?

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The President does NOT play "smallball."

No V-chips, no school uniform proposals for him.

A cursory glance at the President’s agenda: "Ownership Society," transforming the mideast, establishing a democracy where none existed previously, marginalizing Arafat and setting the table for an Israeli/Palestinian deal, taking on the United Nations, and the Franco/Germanic Axis, transforming the Pentagon, transforming the CIA, now taking on entrenched elements at State, Social Security reform, overhauling the Federal Tax Code, and looming on the horizon, the Iranian mullahs.

GW is real deal. Those that brand him a "cowboy" pay him an unwitting compliment. Terse, blunt, plain spoken, upright, well-intentioned, courageous and constant, honest and reliable. A man who allows his deeds to do his speaking for him. We had no idea what we were getting way back in 2000, when GW was campaigning for the Presidency.

He stands in such stark contrast to Clinton, who was glib, inconstant, dishonest, cowardly and unreliable. Or as Peggy Noonan so accurately observed, "a profoundly unserious man."

Biting your lip in public may play well with certain groups, but it is ultimately unworthy of a President of the United States.

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