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Ohio GOP and Religious Conservatives

The New York Times has an article on the movement among religious conservatives to influence the Ohio Republican Party, called the Ohio Restoration Project. As the piece makes clear, the immediate purpose is to elect Ken Blackwell to the governor’s office in 2006; but the long-term goal is the return of the party to conservative principles.

What’s amazing politically is the continuing voter registration, education, and organization efforts, especially among clergy. Ohio could be a bellweather in the swing-state Midwest.

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Good article, even fairly respectful. The key is whether the organizers (and enough of the foot soldiers) understand politics correctly as a game of old-fashioned Midwestern football -- a ground game, usually unglamorous, a few yards here and a few yards there. If they do, and they’re willing to play that game in good weather and bad, this Project is extremely promising. Who knows, it might even save the White House for us in 2008.

Turnout is going to be a big question mark in 2006. We had over 70% turnout in last November’s election, but I would be surprised if turnout in 2006 is much over 50%. If "Restoration Project" voters turn out in large numbers, they have the opportunity to make significant changes to the state’s political landscape.

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