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Ohio GOP lukewarm on Bush Social Security reforms

Ohio Republicans are not yet adopting a pro-Bush stance on Social Security. Ralph Regula says: "We don’t have a plan, we have a concept. You’ve got to think about how it would work in a practical way, so I’m not at this point ready to sign on to anything." The reports from the MSM are entirely negative on the Bush attempt to do something about Social Security, as are the polls. This makes the intnsigent Demos very happy. There is no movement toward him, we are told. But I expect something to break soon, some sort of concrete compromise measure put forward by a few folks from the Senate and the House, or the thing will die and will have to be picked up next year. That would be a shame, and could be to the GOP’s disadvantage in the 2006 elections. On the other hand, this will not be the first time Bush and his people will have been misunderestimated.

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My OED doesn’t contain the word "misunderestimated." Is that the same as overestimated? I’m afraid that most of my education centered around fizzics, and I don’t want to misunderstand your point.

Seems like this blog attracts a goodly number of smartasses (which should be in the OED, but who cares?).

I wish people would confine themselves to the topic rather than sarcastically sniping at some tangential point.

You of course have got it spot on right.

George Bush is proving to be one of the greatest chess players in all of history. He has been able to get his opponents to ’misunderestimate’ him to to such a degree that even a ’fizzics’ guy can’t figure him out.

In addition to being in the pantheon of greatest chess players, he is one bad ass poker player as well.

As Count Basie has eloquently demonstrated --Sometimes it’s not what you play it’s what you dont play.

GWB has those three abilities in genius proportions as well as backbone, guts and determination.

I have no doubt that Social Security will be changed this year, and it will be changed to the way ole’ ’misunderestimated’ George wants it to be.

The gloom and doomers are right but it is they who are doomed, not us.

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