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President Bush Endangers Women

According to Hillary Clinton, President Bush endangers the lives of women.

Read about that here.

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Must... not... make... sarcastic... comment about.... Billll

must... restrain... self...

I just "love" how democrats are so quick to blame Bush for endangering a womans life. Where is the accountability for the woman? If she chooses to continue with an abortion using unsafe methods that is her fault, not the governments.

I’m sorry - but we’re talking about women in other countries and how our government should give them aid for abortions? Where is this aid going to come from? The annual pay increase our Senators vote in for themselves? Not likely! I’d like to see Mrs. Clinton forego her annual pay increase as an unspoken stand for these poor women overseas who can’t afford "healthcare". Undoubtedly, the expectation is that this money will eventually funnel from my pocketbook and I say "No thank you". Government funding of abortions in our own country is one very controversial thing, but now we’re supposed to just hand out money to people overseas because women die from abortions? I am utterly appalled. Not surprised that Mrs. Clinton would suggest such a thing - simply appalled.

Interesting. Just a few weeks ago she shocked pro-abortion advocates by saying that she was "open to dialog" with pro-life leaders. Everyone was saying that she was trying to soften her radical stand in preparation for ’08. Frankly, I hope she keeps showing her true colors.

I would have to agree with Ms. Hahn’s assertion. There is an element of choice involved in having an abortion performed. However, I think that if 1: the money were there to give and 2: if the money were sent in medical aid, there could be lives saved by allowing proper and safe abortions. I just wonder if the money could be used to give alternatives to abortion. Condoms? General family planning? Would HRC back programs like that? I wonder. But the only thing that bothers me is that the title of the article claims she says "President Bush endangers women", and I’m not sure she said that. The gag rule may endager some...but I need to find a transcript of her "chat" and see if she can complete her lovely "image" or whatever she is trying to accomplish by pandering like this.

"Safe" abortions still kill someone 100% of the time, over 50% of abortions are directed against girls due to its use in sex selection in countries like China. Hillary Clinton endangers girls.

A statistic for every cause. The decision to allow abortion in another country is not our business. Our business is to send a message about our current stance on the issue of abortion. Our government can stop sending funding--done, and done. The idea is being responsible humans who promote health worldwide. Until we can find a way to send the message to other countries that abortions should not equal birth control, there are things we could do, as stated in my earlier post. To deny some sort of medical aid I feel is irresponsible of our country. As the most powerful country in the world, we should take pride in helping countries provide safe medical practices and alternatives to abortion.

No, not "a statistic for every cause," a fact. Incontrovertable. Many nations have a misogynist cutlture which causes parents to use abortions to kill girl babies because they want boy ones. A fact that makes you uncomfortable, which is why you airly dismiss it? And I am pretty sure that cutting off funds for foreign abortions is a substantial step toward signalling that abortion does not equal birth control. Now if only federal judges in the United States could comprehend that.

The "fact" you provide is a matter of opinion, wm. If there is something you want to discuss between the two of us, please feel free to email me. Let’s not get to personal with pro/anti-abortion here. Again, we can converse via email.

I think we are getting distracted here on what was said by Clinton and what was interpreted, so on and so on. I am not uncomfortable with the statistic, and I do not "airly dismiss it". Will you airly dismiss my comment about global responsibility?

Are there talks going on in the government about where to send the money that was once sent for medical needs, including proper, safe abortions? I hope there are, and that the fact that there is a gag rule in effect does not affect other medical needs or responsibilities. I’m no pro-death pro-abortionist, wm, I just have a feeling of patriotism that makes me think it is a good thing to help countries less fortunate than us.

I am extemely familiar with the "misogynist" cultures in other countries, specifically China. At least there we can see efforts by organizations to encourage mothers to have their female (or male, like my adopted Godson) children and be able to help them find suitable homes around the world. "Cutting funding" should not cut off funding for other seemingly more responsible forms of birth control. See my previous post.

I’d be fascinated to learn how you define "fact." Because either more girls are aborted than boys, or they aren’t. Period. This is not a matter of interpretation.

Again, wm, you can email me. You post refered to "100% death to someone..." I have never disputed the fact that more girls than boys are aborted in societies who practice such unreasonable mysogyny. I never disputed the 100% "fact". I’m simply stating that some may say abortion isn’t killing someone, some say it is. It becomes a matter of opinion, because as of now the legal precedent for this says it is not murder. I’m not saying that I agree with this, either. That’s all. Again, read my posts carefully. My point still stands.

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