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Reinstitute the military draft?

Phillip Carter, writing in the Washington Monthly, is in favor of it. After claiming that we don’t have enough troops in Iraq, and considering our other obligations and future possibilities, Carter argues for the draft. Interesting and thoughtful, but not persuasive.

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Political disaster.

Instituting the draft would be a major mistake. The military suffered grievously during the 60s/70s because of the draft. We have finally, after 20 years, rebuilt our military into the most professional and educated fighting force on the planet. Yes, we still unfortunately recruit dregs of society, but overall our military is exemplary. The military is neither a jobs program nor a social welfare program to fix the ills of society. Do we really want to go back to the pre-Reagan era military? No thank you. God Bless America, our troops, Mr. Bush and a FREE IRAQ!!!

Yes, the people who want to reinstitute the draft have ulterior motives...the last thing on their minds is the best interests of our society or our military. What they hope to due is undercut popular support for military action.

Unfortunately, since I think Americans have become spoiled and comfort-loving (like their Roman predecessors), reinstituting the draft would probably damage us in a variety of ways.

How did so many Americans come to hate America so much? Don’t they have any historical perspective? Don’t they realize that, as human societies go, this one is pretty darned good?

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