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The CATO Institute: ’F’ for Governor Taft

The Cato Institute’s fiscal policy report card on the governors was issued at a Press Conference later today. Here is Cato’s Report Card. There is also an article on the report in today’s Wall. ST. Journal, subscribers only.

Ohio’s Governor Taft received one of two Fs. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania received the other. Cato gave only two A’s: Governor Bill Owens of Colorado and that movie star in California.

Thanks to The Corner.

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A well-deserved grade for Taft. The man is a complete joke as governor -- Ohio can’t seem to produce a governor of stature and integrity. I guess it’s because Ohio is actually two states -- the Democratic North/Northeast/East and the Republican South and West. But like so many ’compromises’, you get the worst of both worlds.

I didn’t think Voinovich was much better.

A minor point, but I believe four governors received As and four received Fs.

Funny email from the Libertarian Party of Ohio today.

Subject read: Taft and Spend Republicans.

Seems contagious. They’re everywhere!

Mark Rickel, Taft’s spokesman, touts the Gov’s accomplishements, and ads that the state is maintaining a Double-A bond rating.

Sad, when you qualify your accomplishments with your ability to go further into debt.

Now they want to charge for parking at state much further can Taft shove this state down the toilet?

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