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Ward Churchill’s plagiarism

There have been rumors about Ward Churchill’s plagiarism, but now Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia has sent to the University of Colorado an internal report back in 1997 in which they accuse Ward Churchill of plagiarism. (Thanks to NRO).

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There seems to be no end in sight to Ward Churchill’s chicanery, deceptions, and professional larceny. This man is a font of sociopathy. No wonder that he is a hero to so many on the Left.

What is worse that he might be guilty of plagiarism or that someone else has thought so similar to his that the accusation is even possible?

A truly scary thought...there are more than one of him! But of course we know there are many such ’scholars’, and some are even hard as that is to believe.

The internal report is dated 1997, four years before the kookiness he’s now famous for. To quote the article:
In 1991, Churchill edited a book of essays published in Copenhagen, Denmark, which included a piece by Cohen on Indian treaty fishing rights in the Northwest and Wisconsin. When publishers wanted to reprint the essay in the United States, Cohen declined to allow her essay to appear, Crosby said. So, Churchill penned an essay on the same topic under the name of the Institute for Natural Progress, a research organization he founded with Winona LaDuke. In the contributors section of the book, Churchill said he took the lead role in preparing the essay.

Not knowing much about "Indian treaty fishing rights" I’ll be reluctant to besmirch Ms. Cohen’s honor by accusing her of thinking like our contemporary Churchill.

To borrow Churchill’s own analogy, even Hitler loved animals...

Oh, I didn’t meant to libel just never occurred to me that Churchill would steal real scholarship. Upon hindsight, I guess it’s logical that he would (leaving him more time to spew drivel).

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