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America as a theocracy?

In this turbulent time (for Liberals, I mean),
it may be worth noting that one of the many things that makes them angry (that, e.g., some of us are actually questioning fundamental Liberal tenets like Social Security, the progressive income tax, etc.) is that our society is not simply a secular one. They had worked for making it that, and are a bit put out that their plans and hopes seem not to have materialized. Hence they argue that we must be nearing a theocracy.

Michael Barone thinks that we are not doing that at all. Typically good stuff from Barone, and should be read. The word on the blogs is that Andrew Sullivan has a cover story in the current The New Republic explaining the crisis within conservatism by whipping the evangelicals, or, the Christian right, as he no doubt prefers to call them. I haven’t seen it yet, but will.

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I grew up with and have several Uncles who are born again ministers amd Texas Christians. I worked long and hard to get away from them and do not want them in my life again! It is like cancer, they creep up on you and destroy you. Think long and hard how much power to give to them.

Perhaps I am missing something from the left’s argument. Here is what I have been able to piece together so far. The Democrats are blocking some nominees, like Bill Pryor, because they are religious. Frist is saying the Democrats should stop discriminating against religious Christians. The Democrats respond by saying that Frist is the one forcing his beliefs on them.

Is that it? This is a total non-sequitor, and is little more than the "I’m rubber, you’re glue" retort that most of us abandoned in grade school.

No, there’s no evidence whatsoever that things are moving towards theocracy...

Democracy is fine for everyone in America except Christians? When did that happen?


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