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Gingrich on Hillary

Newt Gingrich has some comments on the candidacy of Hillary Clinton for president. She is almost certainly going to be the Democratic nominee, and that’s not only because she has "the smartest American politician" as her advisor, Gingrich said.

Senator Clinton is very competent, very professional, very intelligently moving toward the center, very shrewdly and effectively serving on the Armed Services Committee - the first New Yorker to serve on the modern Armed Services Committee since it was created in 1948. And I think any Republican who thinks she’s going to be easy to beat has a total amnesia about the history of the Clintons.

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"Senator Clinton voted against a ban on so-called partial-birth abortion in 2003. But in a speech earlier this year, she appealed to "people of good faith" on both sides of the issue to find "common ground" in pursuing the shared goal of reducing the number of abortions."

When I saw her statement a while back, I knew she was positioning herself for a run. And there are just enough people who will swallow this swill to vote for her. This is an old issue anymore. There is no ’common ground’ to have. You either are working to keep this practice legal, or you are working to ban it.

The only common ground to be had would be to talk about abortion BEFORE the woman is in talking about the couple taking on the responsibility of making the right choises such as either obstaining or using protection, and not using abortion as a legitimate alternative to giving birth. But that argument carries a judgement with it for irresponsible behavior, and the pro-choise crowd strongly dismisses any of these attempts.

May the good Lord have mercy on us all.

Newt Gingrich says a lot of things as does Dick Morris; about fifty percent is worth discarding as blowing smoke.

The Honorable Junior Senator from New York via Arkansas and Illinois may indeed get the nod to run in 2008. But first she has to get re-elected in 2006 as a U.S. Senator, weather all of the certain negative material that will be published about her for several long years, not rile the conservative opposition beyond total repulsion with her, keep some semblance of "moderate" Republican and independent support, not get into any trouble, and hope that Bill keeps his #@%& clean while out there among the tsunami victims and while in the UN.

Moreover, she will have to take on a spotlight like no other person in her quest through the Democratic primaries, through the convention, and into the election campaign itself. New York was a piece of cake in 2000.

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