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Hillary’s fund raising

New York Times reports that her campaign is gearing up in a non-surprising confrontational style: "The right wing is already getting ready, naming Hillary as their ’No. 1 target’ and boasting about their ’Swift Boat’ style ads,’ said the e-mail message, which was sent by Ann F. Lewis, the director of communications for Mrs. Clinton’s campaign committee, Friends of Hillary. ’Help us show the right wing that we will be ready and able to fight back.’"

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The democratic base like most affluent people, are basically complacent. They focus on personal comfort rather than externalities such as politics. The only thing that gets them up and out is a rousing fight. The only thing that motivates them politically for US politics, is the religious fundamentalist theocratic right, so to speak.

They cannot even be bothered to have babies, for the most part, because it cramps their style to have to concern themselves with anyone else in a real immediate sense. Self-absorbed.

Imagine how hard it must be to get them going. That requires a boogeyman, and a good one at that. Michael Moore tried to create one last year but no one could believe that fat man with belly button hair.

I hate sharing my name with that guy.

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