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Howard Dean speaks

Howard Dean has been interviewed by USA Today, his first in a while, and he said that "Democrats must stop talking down
to voters." Good idea, I would say.

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Physically impossible to talk down from the gutter.

Like many of the Democrats’ recent sales pitches, this completely misses the point and treats the symptom rather than the cause. What should the Democrats do to stop alienating red-state voters? Apparently, Howard Dean’s suggestion is to change how they present themselves. The real problem is not the presentation. The problem is the condescension that underlies the presentation. The Democrats don’t need to stop "talking down to voters" -- they actually need to stop looking down at them.

This is no different than Dean’s recent attempts to appeal to religious voters by quoting the Bible. The problem is not the lack of Biblical quotes during your speeches, Howard. It is the fact that the Democratic Party supports a whole range of positions that religious people do not, combined with an open hostility by many on the left towards Christianity. These recent attempts to feign open-mindedness only underscore the left’s own inability to understand why they keep losing elections.

From the article:

"It’s because we’re not addressing the central underlying fears of people"

I thought the democrates don’t play on fears.

"Most of the people I know with children are worried about what’s on television," he said, including the "appropriateness of time slots" for certain shows. "We need to be concerned" about that.

OK, so whatever the way the wind take the discussion is what the party will address. I see. That’s true leadership for you.

No thanks Dean. I’ll stick with the vision and beliefs of the republicans. They won’t pander to me.

I would say the Dems’ major problem is their love affair with socialism as a secular religion. Hey, guys, it’s 2005. You need to come to grips with human nature as it it, not how you want it to be.

"Democrats must stop talking down to voters."

Ya mean they finally noticed?

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