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If coffee isn’t doing it for you this morning...

Read this, a stream-of-consciousness rant from MoDo, which features an ill-mannered sliming of the new Pope as only the most offensive of its meanderings.

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She says nothing insightful. She is not a good writer. Why do they keep her around?

To make our blood pressure rise early in the AM...they think of it as exercise

She’s just a hack. I wonder how many Catholics felt insulted by her piece.

"President Bush has also long acted as if he channeled the voice of God. And now Tom DeLay and Bill Frist are also pandering to the far-right-wing and evangelical Christians by implying that God speaks - and acts - through them, too."

WTH is she talking about? When did any of these guys EVER even imply any of this crap.

"...the Christian right now wants politicians to genuflect openly."

When did this become a plank of their organization?

She has absolutly nothing to offer. I wonder if the NYT knows just how repellant this writer is.

"wonder if the NYT knows just how repellent this writer is."

You are making an unfounded assumption that the NYT cares about the views of people who find MoDo repellent. They do not. They wish to insult them, and they do a very good job of it, with the columns of Dowd, Rich, and Krugman, and in many of their news stories.

Wake up and smell the coffee!

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