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Intern problems

Abbie Finfrock is an intern in Washington, and she writes about it, focusing on what it means to be in a young woman in a power-town filled with older men. Not surprising, and it turns out her father’s warnings were true.

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You could also add that women outnumber men in D.C., and younger women account for this. It’s a paradise for older (and powerful) men. For younger men, however, it’s not such a paradise.

Abbie seems like a level-headed sort, and truth to tell, the experiences that she relates are pretty mild. She basically got flirted with, and being handed a business card hardly seems intrusive. It’s a good bet that a young lady who looks like she does (interesting that the Daily Tel ran her pic w/ the essay,no?) has already gained a fair amount of life experience in coping with male attention, wanted or otherwise. The seriously predatory older male (like Bill Clinton) will probably zero in on a young lady who’s not quite so pretty (Monica was especially grateful for the attention) and will also have a well-developed radar for any unusual levels of insecurity and emotional neediness (in Clinton’s case, Monica may have also had that radar going on him).

While there is a good deal of sense in this article (and I speak as a father who has handed out this type of advice to my own daughters) it reeks of commercialism with its evident exaggeration and the almost soft-porn quality of the photo of the purported author.

The final cliche---"I hate it when parents are right"---has the too-cutesy quality so often found in minimally creative freshman papers. I wouldn’t want one of my daughters to write something this weak, nor pose in this fashion.

I thought the cutesy quality and the photo were great.

I found nothing "soft-porn" about the picture of her head and arms. She is quite attractive though and would be propositioned anywhere, I think. It was a nice little column. Cutesy yes but so what?

Seriously. Totally hot. It actually shows quite a bit of hypocrisy on her part, though. The entire article is decrying the D.C. culture where hot interns are seen as sex objects, yet she included a sexy picture of herself to make the article more interesting. Could she have been more inconsistent?

What are these older men doing that younger men aren’t doing? If she got propositioned by a young handsome hunk with a six figure income she would have no problem with it at all.

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