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John Bolton should be confirmed

Rumor has it that the Democrats, at today’s hearing on the Bolton nomination--which had been delayed because of the Pope’s funeral-- are going to come up with some new "revelation" about Bolton that will be a bombshell. This has to do with Bolton "bullying" intelligence analysts on matters having to do with Cuba, and this will be on top of caricaturing him as a "unilateralist" (read: one who agrees with the President’s policies).

Both National Review and Bill Kristol think that Bolton should be confirmed. I can’t understand why the Demos smell blood on this one. Big mistake for them to go to the mat on this, but, then, I have overestimated their prudence before. Note this John Kerry speech in which he claims that in 2004 "too many people were denied the right to vote, too many who tried to vote were intimidated." Idle words spoken by a shallow fool.

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They "smell blood" because John Chafee almost always votes against his party, and is simply waiting for a solid reason -- solid in his shallow little mind. His comments make it clear that if Bolton is embarrassed by tomorrow’s "revelations," he will vote against.

I have never seen any evidence that the Democrats are punished at the ballot box for voting down or stalling nominees. It does make base Republicans a bit more motivated, but swing voters pay no attention to this stuff. If anything, they’ll believe what the media say about Bolton.

"Leaflets are handed out saying Democrats vote on Wednesday, Republicans vote on Tuesday. People are told in telephone calls that if you’ve ever had a parking ticket, you’re not allowed to vote," he said."

Now if this is an "example" of a Democratic leaning voter being influenced by this propaganga; one may conclude that perhaps this voter should be excluded from voting based on sheer stupidity. But then this seems to be the Democrats "power base"; the unenlightend and uninformed. Ergo, grads of our public "school system". At least up "North".

Leaflets are handed out, blah, blah. The Diebold machines had secret Republican logarithms. Aliens flew low-level spy planes over the voting booths. John Kerry is a crybaby.

Only one of the above statements is true. The rest are all conspiracy-theroy b.s. I’ll leave it to you to guess which is which.

Why have I never heard of these magic leaflets before? Why can these people never simply act like adults and admit that they lost? Are they all so insecure? Memo to John: you got your butt kicked. You took your buddy Daschle with you.

I received an e-mail in October saying that Democrats vote Tuesday, Republicans vote Wednesday. I’m sure there was another version that had the days reversed. These were circulated as jokes--a friend of mine who is a Democrat sent the one that I received. The notion that this was the product of some GOP strategy is sheer fantasy.

Now, can we talk about all those instances of Republican headquarters that were assaulted and vandalized in the final weeks of the campaign?

How about all of the GOTV vehicles that were slashed by Kerry campaign workers in Wisconsin. They have at least 5 indictments. Or the bribery (McDonalds and cigarettes) that the Gore camp pulled in 2000? They actually have convictions for those. Or, moving on to another state, how about the stolen governorship in Washington? I guess none of that matters because Kerry’s pals benefited.

No, Johns. You guys lost. Quit your incessant whining.

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