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Man and God in France, and Sarkozy

Timothy Lehmann reviews Sarkozy’s La République, les religions, l’espérance (The Republic, religions, and hope). Lehmann claims that Sarkozy (former minister of finance, and as current head of the Union for a Popular Movement, Chirac’s party, thought to be the next president) has something very interesting up his sleeve:

Sarkozy has thus far been the most visible and articulate interpreter of the question of religion and politics and his views have come into daylight with the publication of this book. La Republic vigorously challenges France’s existing laws and status quo, reinvigorates questions about the soul, and throws into doubt widely accepted and encrusted beliefs about the temporal and the eternal. While Sarkozy’s practical concern is how to improve French society and promote tolerance among Muslims, Jews, Christians, and nonbelievers in France, his overall approach to the question of religion and society has much in common with the views of many American conservatives.

Lehmann thinks that Sarkozy acknowledges the importance of religion in France, and is paying particular attention to the rise of Islam in there. He thinks that there are ways of moderating it. Sarkozy thinks there ought to be, for example, an Islam of France, not an Islam in France. Thoughtful review of an apparently thoughtful book by a fellow who is likely to run France a few years from now.

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The review is somewhat insightful, though I think his association of Sarkozy with US conservatives a little too superficial. Sarkozy’s "warming up" to religion seems closer to a Humean justification for establishment: to keep a lid on religious enthusiasms. I’ve blogged on the review here.The Politic

The last thing that France needs is somebody preaching an "islam of France."

Hell, what France needs is Roland and the rest of the Peers riding to the rescue.

France has known defeat, and brutal humiliation. But throughout its long and storied history, it has never done anything so ABSOLUTELY brain dead as allowing MILLIONS of cultural enemies into their midst.

And as for the words of Sarkozy, worthless, meaningless, due as much regard as leaves blown by a strong autumn wind.

Elite France is ALREADY espousing the burning hatred of all things jewish, and its all they can do to barely veil the depth of their morbid fixation.

France is done, and we should do our level best to try to steer Britain clear of the wreckage of this post-modern Europe.

Frenchmen need to stop prattling so much, and maybe start whistling and hummng the "Sambre et Meuse." Maybe THAT might restore some moral sense, intellectual clarity and a bit of martial vigour.

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